What a great analogy as to how we need to let the Holy Spirit control our every thought and action. The Spirit IS our connection to our Heavenly Father, of course!

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Computers have a CPU, which is a central processing unit. It manages the data in the memory. As you work in a program, the CPU is constantly creating, editing, moving and storing data and files as needed. The CPU monitors the general health of your computer and does periodic updates and scans.


Christians have the Holy Spirit, which is OUR central processing unit. He manages the data in our memory. As you read the Scriptures and walk through life, He is constantly calling things to our attention, bringing to mind memory verses from the Bible, warning us of lurking evil spirits (and their haunts), and speaking to our hearts as needed. The Holy Spirit monitors our general health and our spiritual health, and does periodic updates and scans as we read and ponder Scripture, listen to sermons and music, sit under teachers, etc.

But, wait! There’s more!!!

He also…

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