Psalm 15:1  Who may worship in your sanctuary, LORD? Who may enter your presence on your holy hill?

‭‭I am very thankful to say…that we can all worship Him and enter into His presence! We are no longer in Old Testament times where there is a set place of Worship. Worship takes place in our hearts now. (However, do not neglect corporate worship….☺️) We all have Jesus as the advocate to the Father. We are forgiven and set free. We believers are seen as blameless children in His eyes once we ask for forgiveness and repent from our wrongdoings. We are now known as:

  • One who despises evil
  • One who tells the truth
  • One who lives a blameless life
  • One who keeps promises
  • One who cannot be bribed to lie
  • One who refuses to gossip
  • One who will not hurt his or her neighbors

Psalm 15:5b  ….Such people will stand forever!